Grass Fed Beef

Walt Churchill's Markets features a wide selection of grass fed steaks, roasts and kebabs, and we'll always have the perfect cut for your gourmet dinner this evening. With no additives or fillers, and as always, preservative and hormone free, Churchill's grass fed beef is the best choice for health conscious meat eaters looking for a lean and flavorful cut of all natural beef.

Artisan Breads to your doorstep

Walt Churchill’s has brought the art back to rustic, artisan breads, combining all natural ingredients and unbleached, organic flours to create iconic and expertly crafted breads. Get away from the ultra-processed, artificial white breads and get back to basics, with our healthy, old world artisan breads coming directly from our baker’s hands to yours.

Bringing you the best Of Toledo

From around Toledo and Northwest Ohio, we’ve brought you the best in locally sourced produce, locally baked breads and handmade cheeses from dairy farms right here in town.

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