Churchill's Smokehouse Quality

...why we do what we do

The Churchill's location in Perrysburg, Ohio, houses one of the most unique butchery additions in any supermarket in the Midwest: Churchill's very own private smokehouse. Our slow cured Meats and Fish are all done in house, With a wide variety of sausages, jerky, beef sticks, and slow aged cuts of select meats. We are always proud to cure our meats in house, and feel that our select aging process puts the Churchill's labeled cured meats well beyond competitors options. We follow traditional recipes and slow cured aging processes for all our smokehouse meats, with no need for artificial colors or flavors beyond the original in house recipes.

All of our smokehouse meats are cut, ground, cured and smoked right in the meat department at our Perrysburg store. Smoked sausages, chicken, jerky and more are available at our Perrysburg and Maumee stores. We'll expand our list of smoked meats with the seasons, and of course, are always open to suggestions. Looking to kick up your backyard barbecue with some authentic smokehouse flavor tonight? Try some of Churchill's in-house smoked meats or fish, and taste the difference of a traditionally operated smokehouse.

Smoked Salmon

Walt Churchill’s Market Smoked Atlantic Salmon is one of our Market’s Signature Seafood items. We start by selecting the freshest Atlantic Salmon available in the market. Then we smoke with a blend of liquid smoke. We guarantee freshness and our In-House Smoked Salmon is available year-round.